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The shooting of THE HABIT OF BEAUTY begins in London

Filming begins in London on THE HABIT OF BEAUTY, an Italian-English co-production (ORISA-PINCH MEDIA), the first work of the young and talented Mirko Pincelli.

Casting Director Lilia Trapani. Italian cast: Francesca Neri, Vincenzo Amato, Elena Cotta, Tommaso Neri, Luca Lionello and Mia Benedetta.

Francesca Neri e Elena COtta

Francesca Neri e Elena Cotta

PLOT: Ernesto (Vincenzo Amato) a successful photographer and his partner Elena (Francesca Neri) gallerist, have lived in England for years. During their holidays in Italy with their son, in the mountains of Trentino, they have a terrible accident that will upset their lives. It is the beginning of an intimate and extreme path, different for each of the two that leads them to separate. Ernesto meets Ian (Nico Mirallegro), a street boy to whom he binds himself with passion. Elena meets Stuart (Noel Clarke) with whom she begins a new relationship trying to forget an eternal pain. Ernesto and Elena meet again after three years, but something unexpected pushes Ernesto to return to his homeland, where his elderly mother (Elena Cotta) still lives, in an attempt to rebuild the links with the past and with his own identity. .

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